Our Bos Values &
What We Stand For
A Letter From Our Owner

To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to take a minute and reflect on what this company means to me and how I truly believe it can help people become better not only as a realtor but as a person as well. 


Many people ask me where the name "Bos" came from so I want to take you back to the start.  It is in dedication to my late mother; Cora Bos. She passed away in a tragic car accident in 2017.  The aftermath left my family in chaos and turmoil but it was through those dark times that I really gained a better understanding on life and some of it's fundamental principals.

The below principals is how I operate in Business and in Life.  I do my best to help others in need, show support where ever I can and truly try to rationalize that everyone is going through different things at different times which require different level of attention and support. 

My promise to anybody that wishes to join this team is that I will give you 100% of my effort to help you grow and succeed.  I'll listen when you need help, I'll coach when you ask for advice and I'll push you when you're about to give up.

If you can follow me through this journey my promise to you is that you will have a very successful career being a Bos Realty Group team member.


Curtis Nelson


Bos Realty Group

Be Transparent

The truth is what it is and even as hard as it is to hear sometimes it needs to be heard. I fully support open and honest conversation and I'll be the first to step in and speak my mind when asked. There is a time and place to hold back and listen but overall I appreciate when our team is open and honest with one another.

Be Open To Change

Life happens, businesses change, ideas grow and if you are not willing or able to change then you'll be left behind. Business and Life both happen extremely fast paced and you need to be ready to adapt and grow at the same speed. I will never be known as a company that is so stuck in it's ways that we can't take a great idea and run with it.

Have Processes and System

The name of the game to anything is efficiency and effectiveness. The less you actually have to think about on a day to day basis means the more time and energy you have to put towards what matters most; Your Family, Friends, Health or Wealth. We have road maps, processes, procedures and will help map out your daily routine if need be so you have more time to focus on the BIG ticket items.

Hold To Your Word

Being from a small town really gave us the importance and value of "do what you say you are going to do". This seems easy but in fact it is a very difficult task at hand. We drive this home within all levels of our business to ensure each and every agent feels respected, account for, desired and a part of this team.

Be Patient & Kind

The day you start to listen is the day you will appear as the most patient and kind person in the room. Patient and Kind people will naturally draw business as they are trustworthy, respectful and know what their clients really need. Listening is one of the hardest skills to learn. We pride ourselves on really listening to our team and clients.

Push The Boundaries

Our goal is to be the biggest and baddest real estate company out there. To do that we need hard work, innovation and top talent behind us. We will always strive for excellence and push the boundaries of our industry. We allocate a large % of profit every year for future investments, agent resources, and new technologies for our team.

Set The Bar High

Some people like goals, some people hate them and at Bos Realty Group we LOVE them! To us goals are just as mandatory as having a driver's license. If you do not know where you are going then how do you know what to do? There is a interesting study that I'll just quickly recap that shows the power of a goal. There are 2 people in a room, 1 is the administrator and 1 is the tester. Test #1 The administrator asks the tester to walk to the other side of the room. The tester starts to walk and then the administrator steps in front of them. The tester says what are you doing and the administrator says standing here. The tester shrugs their shoulders, turns a different direction and walks to a different wall. (Not on target) Test #2 On the next test the Administrator puts a $100 bill in the corner of the room and asks the tester to go and get it. The tester starts to walk towards the money and again the administrator steps in front of them. However this time instead of stopping the tester tries to step around the administrator. The administrator moves into the tester's way again. The tester does a little side shuffle, spin move and runs around the administrator and collects the $100 prize! This is a very simple exercise that shows if you have a target in mind (i.e a goal) then you are much more likely to side step and overcome any obstacles you encounter. Part of our training is to identify goals for each and every member of our team and then help you side step and overcome your obstacles. It's not rocket science but it works like magic.