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No Problem.  For those whom already have a team and are considering the move then check out 

our resources below.  We offer a streamline process, amazing resources and dedicated account

executives to help over see your real estate needs.


At Bos Realty Group we focus on already established teams and help them take their business to a different level.  Our goal is to help teams create solid foundations through weekly business planning, Tom Ferry Training Materials, incorporating 3rd party resources, and streamlining team processes.  When you join Bos Realty Group as an already established team you'll receive one-on-one support whenever and wherever needed.  All we charge is $400 per transaction ($75 Broker Review; $25 Errors & Omissions; $300 Admin Compliance)  The admin compliance fee can then be charged to your clients essentially making your subscription fee to Bos only $100 per transaction.

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We've done our due diligence and have experience with only the best 3rd party resources out there.  Refer to our Resource Menu for a sneak peak.  We will help streamline your buyer, seller and overall office needs.  We will coach and train buyers agents, listing agents and your front office on anything and everything from objection handling, listing presentations and transaction coordination. If you need an Inside Sales Agent for additional phone prospecting no problem; we'll connect you with the top virtual phone prospecting company out there.  Our goals are your goals and we'll do whatever is necessary to ensure your business continues to grow.


If you have an already established team it's likely that you have most of your back end resources somewhat established.  For those teams it then boils down the retained company dollar.  At Bos Realty Group we realize this and help you do business planning and financial modeling.  We also support this by only charging $100 per transaction to be brokered by Bos.  The other $300 Admin Compliance fee is standard on all major brokers and can be charged back to your clients essentially making your fee to Bos only $100 per transaction.  Nothing else, no strings attached!  Do the math on what was paid in to your current  brokerage in transaction splits, royalty fees and other billable items.  It's most likely more than $100 per transaction.  Make the right choice for your real estate business and be brokered by Bos.  It will be the easiest money ever made!

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